Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Say Hello to Baby K

Meet my niece Cadence. We call her Baby K. And by “we” I mean Bryan, Evan and me. Evan started it quite some time ago and although he can now say Cadence perfectly, Baby K persists. I think that is mostly my fault, as I can’t seem to break the habit. I’m pretty sure I’ll be calling her Baby K on her wedding day.

Baby K, along with her dad and mom (Bryan’s brother Travis and his wife, Juli) and Grandma Betty and Papa Stu, paid us a visit.

Just like Evan is all boy, Baby K is all girl. She is so delicate and sweet. I’m already missing her and wishing I could pick her up and give her a squeeze.

She may be all girl, but she had no problem keeping up with Evan’s tendencies. I think she even instigated a few things. The two of them had a ball running through the rain. In her true feminine style, Baby K ran like a girl with one hand out most of the time.

Just a little side note, we gave Cadence that pair of Crocks she is wearing. They used to be Evan’s, but Juli allowed us to pass them along even though she is opposed to the rubber shoes.

Cadence introduced Evan to the joy of yelling while running, but that was in the house. The next morning Evan told me, “Baby K make a raucous.” Then he laughed like crazy. It’s no wonder Evan hasn’t been able to stop talking about her since she left.

Here's to hoping they'll be lifelong friends. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family History

One of my goals is to scan in all of the family photos I am currently storing in a big box. I inherited the box from my great aunt when she passed away and I love to pull the photos out and sort, stare and read the little inscriptions written across the back. Usually it says nothing more than Great, Great, Great Grandpa Lowry, which is what this photo says (and then I have to try and figure out if it was my great aunt's great, great, great grandpa, what does that make him to me?)
I do know that my ancestors were pioneers, and I think you can read so much in the photos. I always love to think about what people were doing just before and after the shutter snapped. Had Grandpa Lowry just finished fishing, or is he getting ready to catch his supper? Is the wagon parked for the night or is he getting ready to head out again.
This photo is also one of my favorites, and I am drawn to the woman in the picture--another great grandparent.
Every time I look at her standing in front of her house I want to thank her for her bravery and pioneering spirit.
These pictures are newer--the woman on the far right is my Grandma Jensen (then a Stevens) along with her brother and sister and my great grandpa as he drove them off to boarding school. I love the hats!
Here they are as little kids. The photo reads, "Playhouse back of Grandpa Stevens granery--Ferron, Ut." If I remember correctly, a coffee company used this photo in a calendar--notice the coffee can next to my grandma (the one in the middle).

I love the dog in the picture, Bubbles. My Aunt Melva told me countless stories about Bubbles and how he used to follow them to school each day, sit outside the school and wait for them so they could all walk home together.

I think the reason I am progressing so slowly on my scanning is that each time I pull out the box, I get too caught up in each picture and the details and what I know or don't know about the people in the picture. Before I know it, an hour has passed and I've only scanned two photos! Wish me luck.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Help Me Organize Evan's Toys

I need help! I'm looking for some cute and discrete ways to store Evan's toys that we keep in the living room. I have some shelves with baskets, which do a nice job. But, there is one big basket on the floor that keeps overflowing. I know the living room is family space, but it is the first room you see when you walk in my house, so I want it to be uncluttered. Any ideas?