Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Say Hello to Baby K

Meet my niece Cadence. We call her Baby K. And by “we” I mean Bryan, Evan and me. Evan started it quite some time ago and although he can now say Cadence perfectly, Baby K persists. I think that is mostly my fault, as I can’t seem to break the habit. I’m pretty sure I’ll be calling her Baby K on her wedding day.

Baby K, along with her dad and mom (Bryan’s brother Travis and his wife, Juli) and Grandma Betty and Papa Stu, paid us a visit.

Just like Evan is all boy, Baby K is all girl. She is so delicate and sweet. I’m already missing her and wishing I could pick her up and give her a squeeze.

She may be all girl, but she had no problem keeping up with Evan’s tendencies. I think she even instigated a few things. The two of them had a ball running through the rain. In her true feminine style, Baby K ran like a girl with one hand out most of the time.

Just a little side note, we gave Cadence that pair of Crocks she is wearing. They used to be Evan’s, but Juli allowed us to pass them along even though she is opposed to the rubber shoes.

Cadence introduced Evan to the joy of yelling while running, but that was in the house. The next morning Evan told me, “Baby K make a raucous.” Then he laughed like crazy. It’s no wonder Evan hasn’t been able to stop talking about her since she left.

Here's to hoping they'll be lifelong friends. 


Juliana said...

I love these pictures! Cadence is still talking about you, and loves to look at our vacation photos.

Maquel said...

What fun pictures! I think they will be life-long friends.

Just FYI . . . I don't read blogs as often when they're private, but I am always curious about you guys. I just didn't want you to think I fell off the map. :)