Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm Embarrassed....

So, I've been really terrible about blogging lately. I thinking putting this blog behind the cover of a sign in sheet made me lazy. Kind of like when company is coming I clean the house, but my closets will most likely be a mess since no one will see them. So, I apologize. And I'll try to do better!

The last month has been a pretty busy one. Evan started preschool last week, which is great since I've had a hard time keeping up with work over the summer. LOTS of late nights have been had. Evan is loving school this year. Today his teacher told me that anytime other kids were crying, Evan would give them a hug or take them a toy. He is a sweetie.

I've been trying to devote more time to my blog on my work site, www.mindywrites.com, so hop on over and check it out if you get a chance. I've decided to focus it on writing, reading and such. Let me know if you have any favorite books I should include on the site. I'm still trying to come up with ideas for the header...any tips?

So--that is a quick update.

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