Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Consolidating Shops

I've been trying to split my efforts between my two blogs lately--this one where I typically share far too many details about our personal life and the blog on my professional Web site where until now I've posted primarily about work. But, I've realized that splitting my efforts has only led to sporadic posts on both sites!

So, in an effort to give one blog my full attention, I've decided to close up shop here. I'll start posting more about our family life at my Web site blog, www.mindylong.com/blog. I'm planning to focus that site on writing, reading and living (living will incorporate all those family posts that up until now have been missing from the site). I'm hoping to add some search features that will let you easily sort which posts you want to look at--you know, just in case you aren't interested in reading about running an at-home business. Hopefully it will all come together!

If you will--please follow me over to www.mindylong.com/blog, update your blogrolls and if you haven't added me to your blogroll yet, please do! In return, I'm going to do my best to resume my daily posting!


Anonymous said...

I'll miss this blog, look at it almost daily to see if you written on it. Think I liked it so much because it was just about you, and family and life in the Long household. You have done an awesome job with this blog, will miss it, but I'll follow you to mindylong.com/blog. Betty

Maquel said...

I've really wanted to follow both of your blogs so this will be a good thing for me.

I've been thinking about you lately. Good luck with your final weeks!