Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ideas Please!

I want to do something special for Evan on the day he becomes a big brother. I already have his big brother shirt and I plan to get him a present from his new sister. I'd love to hear other ideas on fun things we can do to make him feel the day is just as special for him as it is for us.


Becca said...

I don't know how you feel about letting him have a say but when the twins were born we had already picked out the names of Zaric and Zaden but we showed Caleb pictures of each (since they were in the NICU and he couldn't see them) and let him decide who was who.

Maybe you could give him a couple of your top choices for a name or middle name even and let him give his opinion?

Of course you could always find a picture book or take his favorite book that he could learn and recite easily. Let him be the first one to read her a book. Something that I am sure only big brothers can do. ;)

Christina said...

Zavion really enjoyed seeing all the babies in the nursery. As far as anything else, he likes to help with everything so anything he wanted to do with Gwen (once she came home) we tried to let him help. He loves to hold her bottles when she is eating and give her the pacifier. And we let him open her gifts and give them to her. Aidric doesn't really seem to care that she is here, and Vinny is just glad she isn't another boy (so am I!)