Sunday, February 24, 2008

Signing Time

Bryan and I have been wanting to teach Evan sign language and we've made a few half-hearted attempts, but now we're finally ready to get serious. My friend Melissa told me about the Signing Time DVDs that her daughters love, so today Evan and I went to the library and came home armed with two DVDs. I don't usually let Evan watch much t.v. but these are educational, right? They really are cute DVDs with kids making the signs for each word they're trying to teach. Evan was loving it. He was watching very intently and each time one of the kids on the DVD would make a sign, he would pause as though he were thinking and then pat his head. It is like they were having a conversation, but I'm not quite sure what Evan thought he was talking about! Then, tonight at dinner, I made the sign for water when I gave Evan a drink. He reached for the cup with one hand and pat his head with the other. I think it is a universal symbol. In case you haven't seen the live version of Evan patting his head, you can watch it here. I've noticed that all of the home videos I've taken in our living room are a little dark. I think we need to start turning the lights on at our house.

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