Monday, January 4, 2010

The White Jersey

Since October Evan has been telling us he wants a white jersey. He needs a white jersey. How this kid even knows that the Caps wear white jerseys when traveling is beyond me. He is so perceptive. I've been assuring him for months it would happen on Christmas and sure enough, he opened up a white jersey on Christmas morning.

The only problem was that when I promised a white jersey, I didn't realize they don't make them in toddler sizes. According to the multiple people I spoke with at the Caps pro shop, there isn't much demand for toddler size travel jerseys. Apparently those other toddlers aren't real fans. So, Evan received a children's small medium, which came down to his knees. Aunt Maria helped him roll up the sleeves.

For all the excitement leading up to the white jersey, its ill-fitting nature has meant Evan hasn't worn it since Christmas morning. I'm renewing my quest to find a smaller size--one has to exist, somewhere. Until then, we'll tuck this one away.

Since Evan loves white jerseys, he assumed other people on his Christmas list would, too. Here is the jersey he picked out for his daddy.

I'm sure Bryan would have been surprised if Evan hadn't been telling him we'd gotten him a white jersey for the three weeks leading up to Christmas. He spilled the beans the minute we walked in the door from getting it, even though we talked for 20 minutes in the car about how it was a secret and how we weren't going to tell daddy. Then he'd talk about it at random moments--once in the bath and another time just playing cars. I loved how excited he was to give a gift, even if it meant it wasn't a surprise.

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jfm said...

Hey hockey jerseys are supposed to be huge!! Thanks for the pics and the bonus of seeing Duane and Maria in the background!