Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Future Fire Chief

Our Utah trip was full of adventures and surprises. One of which was a special treat from Evan's Aunt Sandy--my best friend--and her grandma, Penny. Penny is an amazing seamstress and her hubby, Ken, was the fire chief in Price for as long as I can remember (until he retired, of course). Sandy and Penny arranged a special ride in the fire truck for Evan and sewed him his very own turnout suit complete with his name and Price City patches. It made me cry.

I took about 100 pictures of our morning at the fire station. When I was telling the whole story to Bryan and e-mailing him pictures all he could say was, "Yes, but did you get a picture of you crying?"

So, it might be a little silly that I cried, but here is why. I've discovered that as a mom, I have no greater joy than that of seeing my little guy happy. I knew how much he would love his suit and his ride in the fire truck. I was so touched that Sandy and Penny took the time to make Evan his very own suit complete with every last detail, including reflective thread--who knew they even made reflective thread??? Oh--yeah--that's right, Aunt Sandy. Sandy also made a trip to a police supply store to buy some of the reflective gear and Penny sewed cargo pockets for the first time. There was so much planning, effort and love involved that it really did move me to tears! I can't help it. I'm a sap. We're so lucky to have people who care so much about us.

Sandy--thank you for being such a wonderful friend and "Aunt Sandy" to my Evan. Penny--if you read my blog--thank you so much for the suit. You're such an amazing and sweet person and we're so lucky to know you. We love you both!


MelissaF said...

That is just absolutely darling. I bet he had sooo much fun. Oh and I would have cried too. I cried reading your blog. :-)

jfm said...

Oh he looks so cute. I remember Penny and Ken (but then I'm from Price too) and they are indeed a special family!! How sweet of them to make Evan the fireman suit and his Mom's day!!

TheWallinFamily said...

Oh my gosh, Mindy, that is amazing! I'm a little teary eyed just reading your story and seeing his adorable pictures. What wonderfully sweet friends you have!

Maquel said...

This is the most adorable thing in the world! I want a fireman outfit!