Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Evan and I spent last week in my hometown (Price, Utah--for anyone who doesn't know). The day we landed in Utah, my mom treated Evan to his first pair of cowboy boots and a cowboy hat that rarely left his head during our entire stay. As soon as my mom handed Evan his new hat, he started saying, "McDonald's Farm. McDonald's Farm." Here are a few pics from the trip...warning...more to come...in future posts!

Helping feed the horses at Uncle Todd's and Aunt Brenda's:

Playing at the park at the fairgrounds:

Playing with cousin Charlie at Mimi's house.

And, yes, the hat was worn inside as well. Here Mimi and Grandpa Jerry are teaching Evan how to put olives on his fingers.

I have lots of stories to post about the trip, but I also have four deadlines pending this week! I hope to write more soon!


MelissaF said...

Love the olives on the fingers!

TheWallinFamily said...

Love the hat! I'm so glad you got to go home for a visit. Seeing pictures of your parents makes me even more homesick. :)