Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meet Our "Nose Man"

Last year for Christmas my friend Sandy gave Evan a "Snowman in a Box" kit. The kit has waited patiently in the top of Evan's closet for a snow storm that would drop enough snow for such an activity. Just last week I looked at it and thought it was going to be another year before we had a chance to use it. Boy was I wrong! We had a big snow storm on Sunday! Even though I secretly wanted to just stay inside where it was warm, we bundled up and headed outside. Evan loved making our "nose man," also known as a snowman.
The snow didn't pack all that well, so we just sort of shape him from the ground up instead of rolling big balls like I had hoped. Evan didn't know the difference though and had just as much fun patting snow on our snowman. He also loved wearing his boots and kicking the snow.
Just the thought of snow around here is enough to close schools, so this was a really big storm for us (resulting in school closures yesterday and a two-hour delay today). Kids these days. In all of my school years, from kindergarten through high school, I think we had one snow day and that was only because the pipes in the school froze--not because they were concerned about 50 kids loading onto a school bus with no seat belts and heading off on icy roads. Safety, schmafety. We all survived.

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jfm said...

What a cute snowman! And what a great idea "snowman in a box kit"!!
Why didn't we market that idea?? And a final note, of course you didn't have "snow days" at school, you're a tuff kid from UT :-)