Monday, May 12, 2008

Two Hours of Sheer Joy

Evan attended his first “friend” birthday party on Saturday and experienced just over two hours of sheer joy. From the balloon he got to keep for his very own to the ice cream and chocolate cupcakes, it was a day filled with new and exciting wonders.

Evan missed the first 15 minutes of his party to take a power nap in his stroller, which left him well-rested and ready to go.

As soon as he woke up, he started pointing at the balloons dotting the back room at Chicago Uno Grill at the Reston Town Center. There was a yellow balloon with his name on it and he also held on to a pink balloon until its rightful owner arrived. He was a little upset at having to let go of it, but he was quickly distracted by his very own cup of water with a straw! A STRAW!

There were several varieties of pizza to choose from, but Evan wasn’t very interested in it until Ava, the birthday girl, fed him a bite of her pizza. Evan later reciprocated the kind gesture by feeding Ava a spoonful of ice cream.

By not eating much pizza, Evan saved plenty of room for the chocolate cupcakes that were served. And, the grand finale--a pinwheel he got to take him as well. First a balloon, then a pinwheel! Evan carried both around all afternoon after we arrived home. I got light headed from blowing on the pinwheel, but it made Evan happy, so I kept doing it. My mom arrived yesterday and Evan quickly handed her the pinwheel. She made me feel a little stupid when she “whooshed” it back and forth and made it turn without ever having to expel a single breath. I guess you learn some things as you go.

The birthday party was an absolute success (at least from my perspective). I want to thank Sarah and Pat for including us in the celebration and the bag of goodies they sent home with us. Plus, a big happy birthday to Ava who turns two on May 15!

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