Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Lump or Two

That describes Evan's forehead right now and he definitely has two lumps. The first came on Monday morning when he was reaching for the coffee table and missed it by about an inch. He was attempting to lean all of his weight on the table and went down hard right on the edge. Evan has a boo-boo bunny we keep in the freezer for just such an occassion. I think that helped with the bruising, but he still ended up with a purple mark and a bump.

The second lump came on Tuesday when Evan was playing in his crib. He was standing at the side, then sat down and sat on his bear, Jasper. He slid forward and bumped his head on one of the slats on his crib. I was surprised he hit it hard enough to make a bump, but he did. I told my mom to put hats on him anytime she takes him out of the house this week!

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