Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh Shoot!

We've been starting some beginning potty training with Evan. I've been trying to get him to sit down to go pee-pee--after all, his potty comes with the oh-so-effective splash guard built especially for boys. He has been resisting sitting down lately, preferring to stand up and pee in the bathtub instead. Today I realized that he just really likes to see the miracle that is what he considers to be himself making water. I mean, think about it, he absolutely loves water and I guess it probably does seem pretty amazing that he can make water shoot right out of himself on command.

So, I decided to let him practice his aim and try peeing in the potty standing up. He did great. He finished "making water," looked up with me with that look of amazement and quickly signed more. He looked back down at himself only to see a sad little trickle of "water" that landed squarely on the floor. He looked at the puddle and said, "Oh shoot!"

I had to stop myself from laughing and congratulate myself for not saying anything harsher than "oh shoot" around him. I had never really thought about how much I use the expression until today when I realized he'd picked it up just from hearing me say it. I think all in all it has been a pretty "oh shoot" week around our house, so it is no wonder he finally started saying it on his own.

On Sunday I was feeling terrible with the flu, so I think I moaned "oh shoot" each time I reached for some Sprite. On Monday the "oh shoots" continued when I'd get a wave of nausea and sit down. On Tuesday I dropped our VERY HEAVY fire place screen on my foot, resulting in the loudest "oh shoot" Evan has probably ever heard (it also resulted in a pretty good bruise). Yesterday we baked the cake for Evan's birthday dinner*. Evan likes to help with any and all baking and he thought we needed to add some egg shells to the mix. I remember saying, you guessed it, "oh shoot" as I was reaching to stop him. And, today when Evan spilled Cheerios all over the family room floor--yep--another "oh shoot" from me. And these are just the events I remember from this week!

I never knew how much I must say "oh shoot" until Evan muttered it today. Kids really can be a reflection of you. I'm going to have to start paying more attention to those little things I do that I don't even notice. It is frightening!

*Just a little note--Evan's birthday dinner isn't until Saturday, but I like to frost my cakes frozen, so I bake them ahead of time, wrap them in Saran Wrap and pop them in the freezer. I've decided not to do a fancy cake for the dinner. As you can has been a long week. So, I'm going with an eight-inch round white cake with raspberry filling and butter cream icing.

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MelissaF said...

You are super mom baking him a cake. I can't believe he is going to be two. Hailee and I are working on the potty training as well and while I was reading tips online I found one you might try with Evan. For boys throw a handful of Cheerios in the toilet and let them target practice.