Friday, June 12, 2009

Daddy Visits Evan's School

On Evan's last official day of preschool, the parents were invited to attend a party, sing songs and have snacks with the kids. Evan LOVED having his daddy there. He absolutely loved it. He sat in Bryan's lap the whole time. 

He showed him around the classroom. 

And he even shared his juice box. 

Since then Evan and Bryan had talked several times about the day that daddy went to Evan's school with him. I think they have both forgotten I was there, too! It must be because I was behind the camera. Yeah--that's it. I'm sure. 

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MelissaF said...

Don't you hate that, I am never in any pictures because I am always the one taking them. I hope someday Hailee doesn't mom was never around, she isn't in any of the pictures.