Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Posts...or a Lack Thereof

I haven't been doing much posting lately and I'll tell you why. I'm depressed. There. I confessed. I had a birthday a few weeks ago and it is really bringing me down. Yes, I know, age is only a number and I shouldn't worry about it. Yada, yada, yada. I will eventually get over it, but it seems like just yesterday I turned 21. Sigh. I guess it isn't so much the getting older that bothers me as much as thinking about where all the time has gone. What did I ACTUALLY DO with all those years? Then, I start thinking about all that time I've wasted and how I really should have been working towards winning a Pulitzer instead of watching all that Law & Order and that leads to me getting frustrated at myself for wasting time now worrying about how I wasted time then. It also makes me wonder why TNT has quit showing as much Law & Order as they used to (bless you whoever made that decision, although I miss Lenny Briscoe something awful). It is a viscous cycle that keeps me up well past my already too-late bedtime. Unfortunately, Bryan didn't know how upset I have been over my birthday and came home and cracked a joke about how old I'm getting. THAT went over well. So, I suppose it is time to get over the birthday angst, pick myself up, brush myself off and get on with it. I think I'll also pick up some new moisturizer.


Amy Carle said...

Oh no! I get the birthday blues every year too.

kendra said...

I had that feeling a few years back already! Just try to remind yourself of all the things you have done: You traveled, you got great degrees from outstanding colleges, you got married to a wonderful guy, you bought a great house, you have the most adorable son, you met your favorite author... seems like you have done a lot!