Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back to the Crib

Any suggestions on how to handle a little one who has suddenly decided he'd like to sleep in his crib again after two months in a big-kid bed??? Evan has come up with every excuse under the sun why he no longer wants to sleep in his bed in his new room (we moved him into a new room with new furniture and left the baby furniture in Evan's old room). "I hear noises. I need more air. The face on the black cat stuffed animal scares me." I've heard it all in the past few days. Evan's ultimate solution to everything is just to sleep in his old room in his crib. Any ideas???


TheWallinFamily said...

Hum...that's a tough one. My kids never want to stay in their crib. Good luck!

Ali said...

Maybe move his crib into his new room and his new bed into his old room and see which he prefers so he can get used to one new thing at a time? Of course, probably won't help, but this way the "new" things are separate and he can choose which new thing he wants to tackle first? :)