Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cabin Fever

It is day six of being snowbound at our house, and I think Evan and I are starting to feel the effects. We received another 12 inches of snow today (thank you, Bryan, for shoveling us out). I think the storms are over for a while. Now we just have to finish digging out. School has been cancelled all week and we haven't gotten mail since Friday. Thank goodness we still have power and cable!

Bryan got out yesterday and went to work--he took our SUV, which meant I was staying put. But, let's be honest. I'm not driving on the ice rinks we're calling our roads even if I wanted to, which I don't. Today we spent a few hours playing with moon sand (and then cleaning up moon sand), baking cookies (and then cleaning up the cookies), reading and playing trains.

Evan quickly pushed aside the princess and dragon molds that came with the moon sand and asked for some bulldozers and wheel loaders.

I think the high point of Evan's day was waiting for the cookies to cool off so he could eat one.

We have also taken the time to play outside in the snow--but only once. I haven't been able to get Evan back out there since our first adventure out.

I hope you are all staying warm! We're doing our best!


Ali said...

So cute! Can you believe all the snow we've had. Great pictures to remember the blizzard of 2010! Stay warm, mama! xo

jfm said...

We always wish for that "down time"...but when it happens we aren't happy either! Thank goodness you have power! Keep posting :-) Awesome pictures.

Sandy said...

I've been thinking about you and all your snow, I hope it melts as fast as it came! I love the pictures of Evan, he is so cute! I hear moon sand is not fun to clean up, you are brave :)