Friday, November 21, 2008

A Job Well Done

I finally got around to cleaning out our fridge last night. It is a job I always tell myself I am going to do every Tuesday night since garbage day is Wednesday, but in all honestly it is something that goes a few weeks before I get around to it.

Every time I clean out the fridge, I find myself asking the same three questions:

1--Why do I insist on saving the two tablespoons of tuna fish that are leftover after I make myself a sandwich? Every time I make a tuna fish sandwich, I have no more than two spoonfuls of tuna fish left. I don't want to put it on the sandwich because that would mess up my bread to tuna ratio. But, I can't just throw it away either, that would be wasteful and I wasn't raised like that. Nope--instead, I put the little bit that is left in a Tupperware container and tell myself I'll eat it on crackers the next day for lunch. That never happens. Instead that small container gets shoved to the back of the fridge and sits untouched for weeks until I clean out the fridge again.

2--Why do we have so many condiments and have any of them expired so I can justify throwing them away? I have a bottle of Italian dressing that I can toss out next month. But that Hoisin sauce I bought--looks like it will be around until 2010. It just seems wrong that you have to buy a whole bottle of something when you really only need half a teaspoon of it for a recipe you want to try.

3--What is this sticky stuff? I don't know how, but we always manage to have something that has left a sticky ring in the fridge and I can never quite figure out what it is or how it got there. Gross.

Now that the fridge is cleaned out I really should turn my attention to the pantry. On first glance I can tell I am going to be asking myself why in the world I have THAT much sweetened condensed milk and what I had planned to make with the can of coconut milk that is in there.


jfm said...

We must be from the same family! I save the smallest dabs of leftovers I plan to have for my lunch, and since Craig & Megan would NEVER touch them again for a meal or a snack....they last a week or so, then on garbage day they get the boot! I think it's because we can't throw out perfectly good food.....but after it qualifies for a science's okay!

Mindy said...

I know--it is like it isn't quite as wasteful because obviously you have to throw out spoiled food!