Monday, November 3, 2008

Twelve Pounds of Powdered Sugar Later: The Cookies

I made two types of cookies for Ali's shower, baby blocks with butter cream icing and onsies with a fondant icing so they could be placed in cellophane bags as favors.

For the onsies, I made a basic sugar cookie with a onsie-shaped cutter. Then rolled out some of the white fondant I had made and cut it out using the cookie cutter. Here are the little t-shirts waiting to get put on the cookies:

Then, I spread just a little butter cream on the cookie to hold the fondant on. And, voila, onsies!

Next I dressed them up with some polka dots. I also put stars on a some, but I didn't get a close up of those!

Next I put them in bags and tied on some ribbons. Bryan was nice enough to help me with that part!

To make the baby blocks, I just used a square cutter, frosted them white and then piped on some borders and letters. The recipe I use freezes really well, so I was able to make them earlier in the week!
There were definitely plenty of sweets on hand at the shower! Bryan and I have been sampling plenty, too. I think we're going to have to have a sugar detox next week at our house.


Jillian said...

These cookies were absolutely DELICIOUS! We took a few extras on the car ride home with us and all were gone before we made it out of town!

TheWallinFamily said...

Um...maybe you need to give up the freelance work and begin work as a baker! Awesome!!!

Maquel said...

Wow! Your talents blow me away! Those cookies, the cake, the blocks--I'm so in awe!

Sandy said...

I think the cake and the cookies are so cute! I love the onesies and blocks, it all looks so yummy! You did a great job.