Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Outtakes

On Saturday we all combed our hair and put on nice clothes to have our Christmas photos taken. My neighbor is starting a new business venture doing photos in your house, so she was nice enough to lug over all of her equipment and give us a free sitting. Well--I do have to make her a batch of sugar cookies to repay her, but it is basically free. She did such a great job and was so patient with Evan. Even the outtakes she captured are some of my favorite photos of us. Here are the photos that won't be making it onto our Christmas cards this year:

Doing the pictures in our house was so much better than trekking to the mall! My neighbor even promised to Photoshop out my laugh lines! You can't beat that!


The Torres Family said...

I know you probably don't even remember me but I am Bryan's friend Manny's wife. I love to read your guy's blog it is fun to get to know you guys through it. I was just curious, we are getting ready to take family pictures and I was wondering what you used for the backdrop in your pictures. They are adorable.

Becca said...

Those are the out-takes? Can't wait to see the keepers! Adorable!

Mindy said...

Hi Amy! I do remember you. You'll have to add me so I can read your blog! My neighbor brought over the backdrop, but it was a big roll of paper. It is sort of off white. She had a stand it hung on, but if you were trying to do it at home you could probably drape it over something tall. She left some of the paper so Evan could color on it didn't seem any different than regular paper, but it is thick--kind of like construction paper.