Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Diet Coke Makes it Okay, Right?

There are some days I am convinced I have an eating disorder...and not the kind that makes you skinny. The kind that means I ate a whole sleeve of Thin Mints after lunch. The same kind that means after dinner tonight, I was inspired while flipping through a Pampered Chef catalog and decided to make french fries. Did you pick up on that AFTER DINNER part? As though my taco salad wasn't enough, I finished it off with fries. Then Bryan brought home some cookies, and I had two of those too. I do drink diet soda, so I guess it all works out, right? 

I keep telling myself I am going to eat healthier and switch out my Diet Cokes for water. It is my goal to eat healthier that made me want to polish off the Thin Mints. Once they're out of the house I won't be tempted by them, so it actually made sense to eat them all today. Logical, right? 

I am having a Pampered Chef catalog show and while I was looking through the catalog tonight, I noticed the apple corer/peeler/slicer, which I already have. I read that it "works great for potatoes." I thought, "I bet it does work great for potatoes. I've never tried that." So, I went downstairs, got it out, dusted it off and was frying potatoes in about 10 minutes. They were delicious. It doesn't really matter that I was already full. 

So, tomorrow is another day and, now that the Thin Mints and potatoes are gone, a chance for me to eat a little healthier. I did have an orange today, so that counts for something right? Maybe tomorrow I'll shoot for an apple AND an orange. My heart won't know what to think. 

And, if you want an apple corer/peeler/slicer or any other Pampered Chef product for yourself, you can order from my catalog show through Monday (April 20). Just visit www.pamperedchef.biz/getsey and enter my name as the host. They have some fun new things for Spring, including plenty of things geared toward healthy cooking. Of course, I'm drawn to the things you use to make the not-so-healthy foods, like the trifle bowl that I COULD use for fruit, but probably would only use for trifle. 

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jfm said...

Yes of course Diet Coke makes it OK. We laugh about that all the time, I went to Bunco Monday and we have wine, cheese, nuts, snacks etc. but when it's time for dessert we all drink diet coke!!