Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We've Arrived on Skype

For almost a year now I've been saying, "You know...we really should figure out that whole Skype thing." I thought it would be fun to have "video calls" with our friends and family, but it seemed just to overwhelming to tackle. I didn't know which Web cam to buy, how to download the software or any of the other things I figured I'd need to do.

Late last year I bought a laptop that came with a built-in Web cam, so step one was taken care of. On Sunday I FINALLY downloaded Skype and it was so darn easy. My parents even figured it out, too, and they had to buy and install a Web cam. If they can do it, anyone can do it! This morning Evan had his first video phone call with my mom. He was loving it. He would move in really close to the screen when showing my mom his trains or if he was trying to tell her something.

I can't believe it took us this long to do it! It is going to be so much fun. Are there any other Skype users out there? You'll have to give us a call!


MelissaF said...

Welcome to Skype. You will have to email me your contact and then we can call you guys too. Hailee can have virtual play dates with her cousin.

jfm said...

We Love Skype. It totally saved us when we didn't make it to UT for Christmas!! Your Mom and Dad will love talking to Evan. We see Hailee a couple of times a week, when she says call Papa!!