Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thank You, Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny was nice enough to stop at our house this year and leave behind plenty of treats, including some eggs filled with M&M's. The Bunny foolishly put quite a few M&M's in each year he'll only put one per egg. He learned his lesson after about the sixth egg Evan found, opened and devoured on the spot. I had planned to make homemade donuts for breakfast, but changed my mind after I saw the sugar high Evan was already on. 
Luckily the Easter Bunny left behind some treats that didn't contain sugar--some Thomas trains, books and a new Capitals hat. 

I have to say, I love the Easter Bunny. So much so that I believed long after I should have. Seriously. My mom finally broke "the news" to me. You know it is bad when the parent finally initiates a conversation that starts with, "You know there is no such thing as..." I, of course, acted like I knew all along, but deep down, right until that very moment, I had held out hope. I think that is why I've always thought Linus on the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and I are kindred spirits. Even when everyone else has grown up, moved on and given up, we remained faithful. You feel a little silly when you realize the Great Pumpkin isn't coming after all. But it sure is fun believing. 

The best part of my day today wasn't when Evan went through his Easter basket. It was when he woke up and I asked him if he thought the Easter Bunny came. His eyes got bright and he said a very emphatic, "Yes!" I love that anticipation. The moment when you wake up and you think anything is possible and what could be is even bigger and better than what is. 

I am convinced that on the Easter's of my childhood, the sun was brighter, the grass was greener and chocolate tasted better than on any other day of the year. I hope that is always the case for Evan and that I can do whatever I can to make sure that happens. 


Maquel said...

I know what you mean about the Easter bunny. I still have those feelings about Santa Claus. Keeping that magical anticipation is something I'll never give up.

Mindy said...

Oh yes! I've never stopped believing in Santa Claus! My mom still believes in him, too!

MelissaF said...

Sooo cute! Glad the bunny made it to your house.