Friday, December 19, 2008

The Christmas Newsletter

Since Bryan and I got married, I have done some type of Christmas newsletter. I guess that makes this our eight Christmas together and what should be our eight newsletter. While our marriage is solid, the future of the Christmas newsletter isn't looking good. I haven't written this year's yet and if I don't hurry, Christmas have come and gone and I'll have wasted all those nutcracker stamps I waited in line at the post office to buy. 

I'm not sure what the hold up is. I guess it is that I don't really feel like we have any great stories to share this year. As exciting as it was for us when Evan finally learned to walk, I'm not sure anyone else will really care. 

I think the biggest problem is I never gave myself a deadline for the project. Ultimately it is Dec. 25, right? But really I should get them out well...ummmm...last week. I am great with deadlines for my editors, but on my own projects, well, not so much. 

I hope to get it in the mail by Monday. That means I have to write it today, get it copied tomorrow and addressed on Sunday. I better get cracking! 


jfm said...

I always love your Christmas newsletter, but I have really enjoyed your blog with the everyday updates and pictures of Evan. You could just refer everyone to your blog!! Hope to see you soon.

Melissa said...

I still have not send my card out yet either. I just sent them to get printed today. I will also be addressing my cards today.