Tuesday, December 30, 2008

There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays: Our Time in Price

We had such a great time in Utah and enjoyed spending time with family. Evan loved being spoiled by his grandmas and grandpas. Most of you know I'm from the town of Price, and I loved every minute of being back in my hometown. There are so many things that I miss about Price, such as being able to get to Wal-Mart in less than five minutes and bumping in to people you know while shopping. It was great just to be with my mom and spend time making cookies and candy and getting ready for Christmas. I liked watching Evan play at my parents' house--the same house I grew up in.

My brother Duane popped in for a visit (you can do that when you work for the airlines). He was instructing at Top Gun school for the Navy in Nevada and finished early. So, he hopped a commercial flight and spent the weekend with us. Evan loves playing with Duane and I need to get some video of how cute it sounds when Evan says, "Doooane."

You can see my mom sporting a brace on her little finger from her little accident a day earlier.

On Christmas Eve my brother Todd and his family came over for our traditional Chinese food dinner. Ye old legend has it that my Grandpa TN helped a Chinese family obtain their citizenship way back in the olden days and as a thank you, that family treated my dad's family to dinner on Christmas Eve--hence our Chinese food tradition.

We played a little $5 gift game where each person brought a gift, we drew numbers, and then you could pick a gift or steal from someone else.

During the game, my brother Todd originally opened up licorice, but my dad stole it from him. Todd's second gift was a lovely pair of daisy sandals, which he wore the rest of the night.

On Christmas morning, I wasn't feeling very well so Bryan got up with Evan and let me sleep in for a bit. They finally woke me up and we opened all of our goodies. Everyone was way too generous! As always.

I was sad when our time in Price was over, but we were on to Salt Lake to enjoy time with Bryan's family. Stay tuned for my next post about our time in Salt Lake!


MelissaF said...

I wish we could have seen you all while you were here, but maybe next time. Looks like you guys had the best Christmas. Glad you are all doing a bit better.

TheWallinFamily said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Sorry Evan was so sick. I hope he's feeling better, and you, too!

jfm said...

Thanks for the great family pics! It's fun to see everyone and looks like you had a wonderful time. I too miss going to the store and seeing people you know!! Sorry we missed you this year (maybe next time) hope you and Evan are feeling better.