Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yay Internet!

I packed up two fairly big boxes of Christmas gifts today so they could get on their way. I was dreading the trip to UPS with the big boxes and a toddler, when it hit me I should do it all online. I had to weigh the packages, which meant digging the bathroom scale out of the closet (no sense in having that thing look me in the face every day) and weighing my boxes.

The scale told me each box weighed 10 pounds, so that is what I told UPS. I didn't see a place to add in that my scale could be wrong, since it also told me I weigh 120 pounds, which I know isn't possible. That is what I weighed in high school and I definitely have been eating A LOT more peanut M&Ms than I ever ate in high school. I decided just to take that little bit of information as a gift and hope UPS would just charge my credit card if (and when) I owe them any extra money.

I sat the boxes on my porch, shoved the scale back in the closet and avoided the whole hassle of lugging everything to the car and then to the UPS Store. The UPS man just picked the boxes up and it couldn't have been easier. Yay Internet! I did have to pay $8.50 for the pick up, but it was money well spent.

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