Sunday, December 14, 2008

Evan's First Adventure in Snow

We've been in Utah for one week now and this weekend Evan had his first memorable adventure with snow. Bryan pulled him on a sled and Evan impressed us with his new word combination--"I go! I go!"

Bryan's mom and dad bought the red snowsuit for Evan to use while he is in Utah. We had a fun day out in the elements, but I realized I forgot my hat and gloves! It is cold out there. 

Our first week was filled with catching up with family, finishing up several articles that are due this week and playing Bunco with my mom's Bunco group (I won the prize for low score!). I'm already behind on the number of people I want to see, but hopefully we'll do some fancy scheduling this week and get everything in! 


MelissaF said...

Evan looks so cute. We got jipped, no snow at our house.

jfm said...

Too cute! We even got snow in Oregon yesterday which froze overnight so today everything is closed!

Allison said...

These pics are just adorable!