Saturday, December 6, 2008

Time to Part with the Leather Pants?

For some reason when I was in college, I absolutely had to have a pair of leather pants. I've never really been a leather-pant wearin' type of girl, so I'm not sure why I thought it was a smart purchase. Nonetheless, I bought the quite expensive pair of pants, wore them out once or twice and then folded them up and put them in the closet. I've moved them from Utah, to Illinois to Virginia--all so they could sit at the top of my closet and remind me I never wear them.

Even though those pants never see the light of day, I just can't part with them. I get close to putting them in the Goodwill bag, and then I think about how expensive they were and how that perfect leather-pant occasion might present itself--a Poison concert or maybe a trip to a biker bar, you never know, of course any of those events would depend on weather or not I could find a babysitter.

If I ever did have a time when I needed to wear leather pants, I'd kick myself for getting rid of mine. I've vowed never to buy another pair--so once these are gone, I've definitely said goodbye to my leather-pant wearing days forever. What do you think--do they stay or do they go?


Ali said...

Keep the leather pants! I have some too. We can plan a leather-pant outing in the new year! :)

TheWallinFamily said...

I say keep them! :) I have plenty of pants I'll never wear again. Not because they're out of style or anything, just because they'll probably never fit me again. :) Ha Ha!

I was feeling a little homesick today as I was shopping at Costco. Guess what they were sampling and selling...Lehi Mill mixes. Can you believe it? I wanted to shout, "I know these! I used to live there!" I know you were wishing for some of these a few days ago. I wonder if they're selling them at all Costco stores now during the holidays.

Rebecca Chatterjee said...

Keep them for a Halloween costume. You could go as yourself in college!