Thursday, February 19, 2009


For Christmas this year my sister-in-law, Maria, gave Bryan this little "shower guy" that suctions onto the wall and holds a razor. Bryan loved it and as soon as he saw it gave me the razor lecture again...the one I've heard numerous times that goes a little something like this: "Don't use my razor...yada, yada, yada...gets dull...yada, yada, yada...get nicks...yada, yada, yada...don't use my razor, okay?"

Of course I agree. But every so often, I'll find myself in the shower and my razor is no where in sight. This was the case a few days ago. I'm looking around the shower for my razor and then, as if a ray of sunshine were beaming down on it, I see Bryan's razor hanging there in all its glory. I did think twice about using it, but as I was reaching for it I started telling myself I just needed to shave my underarms. How dull could that make the razor?

After I was done shaving, I reached to hang the razor up again. Then it hit me. Blade in or blade out? I couldn't remember. I hung it up both ways to see if it would spark a memory. I see this thing every day so you'd think I'd remember. I took my chances and put the blade out.

Later that morning, Bryan yells from the shower, "Did you use my razor?"

I replied, "It should have been blade in, huh?"

"Yes. Blade in."

At least I'll know for next time! And, he did spare me a repeat of the razor lecture.


Becca said...

Ha, that's too funny. I use Mike's occasionally too. I haven't gotten a lecture yet, but I am sure it's coming.

jfm said...

Too funny!!I think every woman that shares a bathroom with a guy has heard "the razor lecture" and we all will continue to sneak just that quick little use. But quess we should pay better attention to exact location/position!


Don't think for one Minute that you can fool us were Men you Know and we can tell when you gals have been in to things.

Maquel said...

That is too funny! I think your sister-in-law needs to buy you one of those, too!

Sorry I haven't commented in awhile. I've been busy with our IVF, but I still check your blog daily. :)