Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life’s Simple Joys

Every day Evan reminds me that the simplest part of our day can be an adventure. One morning while we were in Nashville, Evan went crazy for the pillows on the bed. We had a king-size bed and the hotel had tons of pillows piled on it. Evan thought the pillows were the most wonderful thing ever. He rolled around in them, hid under them and just enjoyed every square inch of that bed and the pillows that covered it. He especially liked the fact that I was letting him be naked (don’t worry, he did have a diaper on) and that his Mimi (my mom) was there watching him. And to think I hadn’t given that bed a second thought.

Last night as Evan was taking his bath, I looked up at the clock and thought, “Whew--only one more hour until bedtime.” Evan was having so much fun in the bathtub. Watching him just pouring water from one container to another melted my heart. I started thinking that there will probably come a time when I would give anything to go back and have an hour with him at this age. Instead of rushing through the bath, I decided I should enjoy it, too. We sang silly songs, made plenty of animal noises and splashed until I had to get an extra towel out of the closet to wipe up the floor. I think I loved it as much as Evan did.

Last year I was talking with another mom about kids--her kids are much older than Evan is. She told me, “The minutes and the hours can drag on, but the years will fly by.” I’m trying to do a better job of remembering that when I find myself wishing away a certain part of the day. I need to take a lesson from Evan and find the newness and wonder in each situation.

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Jane said...

Nice post!

I had a dream where my 1-year-old son suddenly turned 7. I wondered where all the years had gone, and wished I could go back to the time when he's just 1.

I'm pretty sure I will be thinking the same thing in the near future.