Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Old Soul

From the day Evan was born, Bryan and I could tell he was an old soul. He often reminds me of a sixty-year-old man just sitting back and analyzing the environment around him instead of reacting to it. He is torn by wanting to play with finger paints and keeping his hands clean. If he spots a string dangling from his shirt, he can't stop saying "uh-oh" and pointing it out to us until we cut it off. Bryan learned the hard way that Evan won't be fooled just by tucking the thread inside the sleeve.

Evan's neatness has made it very difficult lately for him to finish the open-faced peanut butter sandwiches he favors. He used to take one bite, sit it down, wipe his hands, take one bite, sit it down, wipe his hands, take one bite, sit it down, wipe his hands. It was painful. Even worse, now he wants me to pick it up and feed it to him so he can keep his hands clean.

All of these little things just reinforce my earlier impression of the old soul that lives in that little guy. But, the latest when I asked Evan if he wanted to watch Elmo, he asked for Clapton instead. As in Eric Clapton.

Bryan formally introduced Evan to Eric Clapton this weekend and my little guy is hooked. I even had to take a Thomas the Train DVD out today so I could put in Crossroads: Eric Clapton Guitar Festival 2007. So far Evan's favorites are Motherless Child and San Francisco Bay Blues. In case your not a fan like my boys, you can check those songs out here.

Do I need any more proof than that?


TheWallinFamily said...

That is too funny!

kendra said...

omg. that is too hilarious!