Monday, June 2, 2008

Domestic Divas

Evan and I were a couple of domestic divas this weekend. We aren’t anywhere close to making Martha Stewart jealous, but we produced a batch of snickerdoodles and batch of Rice Crispy treats, made some freezer meals for a friend and had our neighbors over for dinner.

This was the first time I let Evan help bake cookies. I’ve lifted him up before so he could see the mixer swirling around, but this time I actually gave him a spoon, a few pieces of dough and some bowls.

He spent most of his time spooning the cinnamon/sugar mixture, which I used to roll the cookies in, from one bowl to another. He tried to feed Bryan a piece of dough, but Bryan quickly spit it out. I can’t say I blame him since Evan had been playing with that same dough for about thirty minutes.

The cookie playtime ended when Evan put one of the bowls on his head. I couldn't help but think this kid is going to be a lot of fun at parties when he hits college.

I wiped our counter down three times, but I think we'll be cleaning up cinnamon and sugar for a few more days. This weekend also marked the first time I let Evan help me with the dishes. My mom introduced him to this fun when we were visiting Price a few weeks ago. Evan loved splashing in the water. Needless to say, he went through several outfits over the course of the day!

So, Evan learned how to measure, stir and clean. I learned that a kitchen chair isn't necessarily the best thing to let a 15 month old stand on. He almost tipped over a few times and the sugar didn't vacuum out of the chair cushion like I thought it would, so I’ll be ordering a “Learning Tower” stool and warning our guests not to sit on the chair at the head of the table.

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