Friday, June 13, 2008

Losing the Baby Fuzz

Evan has had his first haircut! Bryan and I finally realized that Evan was beginning to develop a bit of a baby mullet, and while that look may have been acceptable a decade ago, we decided we better do something about it.

We were nervous about how Evan would take the whole situation and figured he’d be really curious about the scissors. But as soon as we walked into Cartoon Cuts, he was too interested in the TV’s to care about the haircut.

He looks great and even conned the nice ladies there out of three balloons. Bryan lamented a little about the fact that Evan's haircut cost more than his does (I didn't mention how cheap it was compared to mine).

I was a little sad about the whole thing, but I saved a lock of hair for the baby book. My little boy is growing up.

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TheWallinFamily said...

Evan looks so handsome with his new haircut.