Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Little White Lies

I know there are loads of little white lies my mom has told me over the years, but I was reminded of one of them when I took Evan to the Prehistoric Museum in Price a few weeks ago.

The statue above is in front of the museum. I remember asking my mom what it was when I was a kid. She told me it was a mommy dinosaur carrying its baby. Looking at it now, it certainly seems like it is a large dinosaur eating a smaller dinosaur, but I think the story of the caring momma was a much nicer tale.

I loved this museum when I was little, and I wanted Evan to love it, too. He didn’t really enjoy anything about our trip and especially disliked the kids’ play area, which I thought he’d like. I did manage to snap a few photos of him with the exhibits, but we only spent about 15 minutes at the museum (after paying $5 to enter! Times change--I'm pretty sure it used to be free). We’ll try again in a few years.

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