Thursday, September 18, 2008

Accountants vs. Superheroes

Today was Evan's first day of preschool, which means last night I was running around at 10:00 packing his bag so the morning would be easier. As I was packing the bag, which the preschool gave us, I started thinking about what I would pack him for lunch. Then, it occurred to me that I should have gotten Evan a lunch box. Or even a brown bag. But, instead I reached into the pantry and pulled out a blue cooler bag with Deloitte in large letters across the side. In case you don't know, Deloitte is one of the big four accounting firms and where Bryan works.

As we were walking into the preschool today, sure enough, I saw kids carrying lunch boxes. One little boy seemed pretty pleased with his Spider Man box. And here was my little guy carrying in a bag with the name of an accounting firm splashed across the side. No offense to Bryan, but I think accountants are pretty far from comic book heroes. Luckily for Evan toddlers don't know much about what's cool and what isn't at this point, but I couldn't help but think I better get this all figured out before Evan hits kindergarten or else he's doomed to be the dorky kid in the class.

Then, today I read an article in Newsweek that said, "These days, even preschoolers can spot a pair of fake Ugg boots (nicknamed 'Fuggs')." The fact that I get my fashion news from Newsweek and not Vogue probably says a lot about my sense of style, or lack thereof. I think the last time I bought anything stylish was in 1993 when I got my first pair of Girbaud jeans. Even then I think I was a little behind the curve.

So, Evan, for your sake, I am going to start trying harder for both of us. I don't want to be the frumpy mom and I don't want you to be the dorky kid. I will pay more attention to the "in" lunchboxes, boots and clothes for kids. I'm not promising I will buy you a pair of Uggs, but I won't force you to wear Fuggs either--and at least I will know the difference.


Melissa said...

Mindy dear...allow me to introduce you to Gymboree. The cutest clothes ever for little ones. Of course I shall warn you shop the deals or you may need a second mortgage.
I can't believe Evan is in Preschool already, I thought I had tons of time to worry about that for Hailee. Good luck with the whole lunch box thing, Evan can borrow Hailee's pink polka dot one anytime he wants. :-)

TheWallinFamily said...

Too funny! Check Target. I just got Jake a super cool Batman lunchbox on clearance for $2.50. They're having a 75% off school stuff sale. Hope he likes school!