Saturday, September 20, 2008

I've Gone Soft

Yesterday I had to go downtown to meet a client, which also means I had to put on a suit and a pair of heels. I haven't really thought about it, but since I have become a freelancer I have worn either sandals or some other type of comfortable shoe (along with jeans or capris). I was quickly reminded as I was walking the four blocks from Union Station where I parked to the client's office. Now, four blocks doesn't seem like that far...but somehow I developed massive blisters that formed, popped and then began to bleed within those four blocks. I was pretty well limping along by the time I made it to the 12th floor of the office building. Of course I didn't have any band aids, so I discreetly asked the receptionist if she had any. No luck. I trudged along, met with the client and did some research, all the while not letting on what an awful mess my feet were.

Then, I had to walk the four blocks back to Union Station, through all the shops, up the escalator and then to my car. I kicked my shoes off as soon as I unlocked the door. Oh the pain! I haven't had blisters like that in YEARS! And these were shoes I used to wear all the time. I applied some first aid when I got home, but I couldn't sleep last night because of the pain. That was even after I got out of bed and took some Tylenol. I think I've gone soft in the past three weeks. I might just have to wear some heels around the house to keep my feet in the calloused condition they must have been in before.


Allison said...

You poor thing! I keep the emergency blister bandaids in my purse - which I had to use this week for some adorable, but painful new purple flats. Thanks for the reminder that I need to replace the stash.

I'm picturing you chasing after Evan in high heels and sweatpants. Hope your poor feet heal soon!

MelissaF said...

Yikes blisters, I really feel for you dear. I am not sure I even own a pair of heels. Being "retired" for the past three years, my wardrobe has gone quite casual ($2 Old Navy flip flops).
Good luck with wearing heels around the house, I would love to see a pick of that one.