Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An Open Apology

Dear Evan,

I owe you an apology. For the past two weeks I have recklessly accused you of throwing away BOTH sets of keys to our GMC Jimmy. I have turned this house upside down searching for the keys, checking all your hiding spots and turning over every cushion. My efforts were fruitless, which further supported my theory that your love of garbage cans led to our predicament.

I'm sure you've noticed that I've moved every garbage can possible in the house into a closet. I've also added something noisy to those doors to ensure I could hear you throwing something away. You should have seen how quickly I ran into your room yesterday when I heard you open your closet door. I made it in just in time to see you sticking something other than garbage in your diaper pail. I had visions of the keys and finally accepted I would have to call the dealership and find out how to get a new key made or watch the Jimmy rot away.

Then, something happened. After you went down for your nap, I pulled open the fridge and reached in at a funny angle to grab a Diet Coke. I saw a flash of silver. Could it be??? A key ring? TWO key rings? Yes. It was. There, nestled between the horseradish mustard and orange marmalade were our car keys. BOTH sets! I suppose if I ever made anything using the horseradish mustard or the orange marmalade we would have found them weeks ago. If you would have put them next to the Diet Coke or the milk we would have found them in a matter of hours.

The only good news is that the Jimmy is sort of an "extra" car right now while we figure out if we're going to try to sell it ourselves or take it to a dealership, so there wasn't a real sense of urgency.

So, Buddy--I'm sorry for telling so many people you threw the keys away. But, nonetheless, I'm keeping the garbage cans tucked away and I won't be letting you play with the keys anymore.

I love you.


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