Monday, September 22, 2008

Minmee! Minmee!

I was changing Evan’s diaper yesterday, which is always an adventure — I can’t imagine that he dislikes sitting around in a dirty diaper more than he dislikes having his diaper changed, but he puts up a fight nonetheless. He usually tries to stop me by pushing my hands away and saying, “Mama! Mama! Mama!” As we started the diaper change, he did this for a bit, but then he started saying, “Minmee! Minmee! Minmee!” I was sort of ignoring his chatter when I realized he was trying to say my name!

I stopped what I was doing, looked at him, and said, “Are you calling me Mindy?” He just started to laugh and kept saying it. I don’t know how he learned what my real name is, since I always refer to myself as mama when talking to him, but he has definitely picked up on it.

This morning, I decided to test him and said, “What is my name?” He smiled and said, “Minmee.” He has been calling me Minmee all day, too. Today at a birthday party when he wanted to go to the playground instead of singing happy birthday, he called out, “Minmee.” And when he wanted me to save him from the bath, “Minmee.” I’ve determined that he uses Minmee when there is a sense of urgency to his request, but mama will suffice for his non-urgent needs.

I knew he would learn my name eventually, but I didn’t think it would be this soon! It must mean he is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


Maquel said...

I would agree that he's brilliant. That is too cute. Stockton still hasn't figured out my name yet--though Maquel is kind of difficult--but he says Clark's occasionally. It's pretty funny.

Becca said...

That's so cute, but I have to admit it still weirds me out to have Caleb call me Becca instead of Mom sometimes and he's almost 5!!!!!