Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Could Live on Bread Alone

I finally got around to baking out of my Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book and it is amazing! (Thank you, Sandy, for the gift card I used when buying the book!!!) I've decided I could be happy living on nothing but bread this winter. The "master recipe" makes enough dough for four loaves and you can leave it in the fridge for 14 days. I mixed it up on a Friday and baked my first loaf on Saturday morning. It is so good and oh so easy! All the dough was gone by Sunday.

I only ate one loaf--it really was one loaf minus one piece that I shared with Bryan. I baked the other three and shared them--one went to Bryan's grandma, one went to a new mom in my moms group and the other went to my neighbor, Miss Louise, who is also George's mom--I figured we owed her a treat for all the times we bother her. We also took Miss Louise a jar of homemade peach jam.

Evan was in such a rush when I told him we were going to Miss Louise's that it was impossible to get a good picture of him holding the basket. Miss Louise raved about the bread, and Bryan reprimanded me for telling her how easy it was. I suppose I should have let her think I spent all day on it.

I can't wait to try a few more recipes in the book!

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