Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home. Home.

Evan has turned into a homebody. I am a little worried that our three-week trip to Utah made him paranoid that we're going to leave and not come home for a few weeks. When we get him dressed to leave the house, he repeats the word "home" over and over. On Saturday upon returning from a morning out, he RAN into the living room saying "home, home, home." The poor guy was so relieved.

Today I decided we needed to go somewhere since we literally have not gone outside for two days. A restaurant in town has morning concerts followed by a free child's lunch with the purchase of an adult entree. I decided to give it a try. It was a lot of fun, but partway during lunch, Evan got up from the table, grabbed my hand and said, "Go home. Home. Go home." So, we went home--where we stayed the rest of the day.

I reminded Evan today that he has school tomorrow. His response? "No. Home."

Each night before bed Bryan, Evan and I tell each other what our favorite part of the day was. Bryan and I tell detailed practice, playing a game, being silly...but lately Evan says, "Ummm....home." He is definitely loving being home.

Unfortunately, we have a trip coming up. We're leaving on Saturday for four nights in Nashville for a conference I'm covering. I'm scared it is going to put this kid over the edge. We might never get him out of the house again once we come home.

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