Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sir Charles and Mr. Tippin

We had two more star encounters on our Nashville trip. My mom was ecstatic when she found out Charles Barkley would be signing autographs during the trade show. Evan enjoyed giving Sir Charles high fives, even though he has no idea who Charles Barkley is. Charles (he told me I could call him Charles when I referred to him as Mr. Barkley) was around for the whole day and anytime I'd walk past him he'd ask me where "mom" was. Since I was working, mom and Evan spent most of their time exploring the hotel.

We also got to meet country star Aaron Tippin. I'm a fan of his, so I was pretty excited. Evan did his smile, which is more like a squint. If you don't catch it at just the right moment, it looks more like a grimace...

We all made it home after some long delays in the airport, but it was well worth it!

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jfm said...

Cute pics! But tell your Mom
Megan and I have two star encounters with NBA guys! She's needs to catch up!!