Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am home from my dreaded dental appointment and although it wasn't really fun, the appointment itself wasn't as bad as I had anticipated (now I'm worried about all of the anesthetic wearing off). The most annoying part was that the new assistant working with the dentist kept managing to suck my hair up into the little vacuum-type tool they use to suction the spit out of your mouth. I am not kidding. I would be sitting there in the chair, trying to relax and breathe deeply, then SCHLOMP. She'd have to untangle my hair from her tool. The dentist was pretty patient with her, but I was relieved when he told her not to get anywhere close to my mouth with the tool when he actually took the gum graft off the roof of my mouth. In the nicest way possible he said, "I don't want to risk you sucking it up."

Bryan dropped me off and picked me up, and luckily Evan was able to pick up a drop-in day at preschool, so I have a few more hours before I have to do much (thank you, thank you, thank you!). I've been trying to just sit back and watch t.v., but can you believe there is not one episode of Law and Order on before 2:00? I love that stupid show and I really miss watching it. It seems like there are always episodes on, so I was all set to treat myself to a Law and Order marathon today! Instead I've tolerated the Best Celebrity Feuds on E! I finally had to get out my computer so I could catch up on some blogs!

By the way, before Bryan left for work he asked to see my mouth. Then he said, "It looks good. Don't look in the mirror." He isn't very convincing.

Okay--now that I've spent the few weeks whining about dentists, viruses and surgeries, I promise to have some more upbeat posts! Well--maybe until the end of next week when I get all these stitches out. Ha ha.


TheWallinFamily said...

That sounds like a painful surgery, Mindy. I hope you're feeling better. I still feel bad about your broken teeth. I'm sorry.

Allison said...

Phew - I'm glad to hear it's over! Just give us a call if you need anything. Michael could even come deliver you milkshakes during the day.