Friday, January 2, 2009

Kids are Resilient

Evan had surgery today and the whole experience reminded me once again that kids are resilient. I have been dreading today, mainly because I'd have to deny my poor little guy food and drink for several hours leading up to the surgery. He couldn't have anything after midnight, which in reality was after 8:00 since I wasn't about to wake him up for one final swig of milk. He was such a little trooper. To show my support I only had a few sips of Diet Pepsi this morning.

We arrived at the hospital an hour and a half before the surgery to do all the paperwork that seems totally unnecessary since I had three phone calls earlier in the week to confirm all the information. We were moved from one waiting room to another until they finally gave me a blue cap and yellow gown so I could walk Evan into the operating room. I sat him on the table and held his little hand while the anesthesiologist grabbed Evan's arms from behind and put the mask over his face to make him fall asleep. It seemed a little cruel, but I know Evan would have immediately reached up to move the mask away, so I understand why the doctor held his arms. I sang Evan the ABC's and worried he would never forgive me for looking on as this man held him down and made him breathe some sort of gas.

They escorted me out, and I fought back a few tears. Bryan bought me a Diet Coke and tried to get me something out of the vending machine, but it wouldn't take his dollar. Darn it. I was hungry!

A little while later the surgeon came out to give us the thumbs up speech. All went well and it didn't take very long. I was relieved, but they still wouldn't let me go back to be with Evan. They wanted him to wake up a little first. I kept trying to sweet talk one nurse after another, but I finally gave in and sat down to wait for someone to call my name.

Finally. A nurse came to take us back to be with Evan. I was practically running with images of my little guy screaming mercilessly for his mama. Imagine my surprise when I rounded the corner to see Evan sitting up in bed, sipping on some juice with four nurses making goo-goo eyes at him. He looked happy as a clam with all of the attention he was getting--not to mention having four women at his beck and call. When he finished his first apple juice, a nice nurse promptly brought him another. That treat was followed by some Cars stickers. Here I thought he'd be pining away for me. He didn't even seem to notice I had arrived. When they did finally let me hold him, he simply wanted his dad. Is this a sign he is growing up? Maybe he was still a little mad about that whole anesthesia thing. I really think it boils down to the fact that kids can handle a whole lot more than we give them credit for.

We brought him home a little while later and he has been doing well. I hope tonight goes as well as the rest of the day did. Let's all keep our fingers crossed. I have to give a special thanks to my friend Sarah who brought us dinner tonight. It was the perfect ending to a stressful day. She brought us Italian beef sandwiches, salad and potato chips, and I'll freely admit that I finished almost all of the chips by myself. Poor Bryan only got crumbs.

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Jane said...

What a brave little trooper. Hope he's doing well.