Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Pink

This week we have had a flurry of deliveries as UPS and the post office brought us all the Christmas treasures we left behind in Utah to avoid paying extra fees on the airlines. The best part of all of these delivers, at least in Evan's world, is "THE PINK." Each time I open a box and it is filled with pink peanuts my little guy squeals with joy and shouts, "THE PINK! THE PINK!" He then tosses peanuts throughout the room, breaks them in to small pieces and laughs like crazy. He also likes to hop in the box and wallow in the wonder of Styrofoam.

He loves "the pink" so much that when I try to sweep up the small, staticy pieces of Styrofoam littering our floor, he throws himself on the floor trying to pick up each little piece while declaring, "Mine! Mine!" I decided just to let it go for awhile and let him have his fun. Our floor was a sea of pink. Then, my doorbell rang, and I regretted ever giving in. I explained to my neighbor we had gotten deliveries and Evan loved the peanuts. I was so embarrassed. After Evan went to bed, I swept up as much of "the pink" as I could.

The next day--another delivery and another box of pink. Bryan took Evan to the mall yesterday so I could do some much needed cleaning. My first move was to de-pink the house, which is nearly impossible. Those little peanuts--particularly the peanuts that Evan has broken into at least eight pieces--get everywhere. There are some stubborn little pieces still hanging around. One of them even went with us when we took Evan to watch hockey practice yesterday. I'm not sure which one of us it rode on, but Evan was more than pleased when he looked down at the Kettler Ice Complex and saw a piece of pink. I think we'll probably still be cleaning up pink next Christmas and I'm sure Evan will be more than pleased!

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