Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to our Infirmary

Hello and thank you for calling the Longs’ infirmary. We are busy assisting other illnesses right now and are unable to answer your call. Due to the high volume of viruses we’re experiencing, we currently are not accepting new illnesses. We will continue treating existing sicknesses, but due to the prolonged nature of such sicknesses, we can no longer guarantee service with a smile. Coughs, colds, runny noses and general ailments requiring such service should seriously consider relocating to another family—perhaps one where the mommy takes mood enhancing drugs. Please hold and we will get to your call in the order in which it was received. Thank you.


jfm said...

I hope you all are feeling better soon. If you weren't sick before you left Utah I'm sure the plane ride home would do always gets us!

Mindy said...

I really shouldn't complain, but it seems like we just keep getting sick! I think the plane ride is to blame for the latest round of sniffles.