Sunday, January 25, 2009

We're Here for the Party

I'm working in Nashville for a few days covering the trade show my old association puts on each year. My mom and Evan are here with me and one of the perks of this gig (in addition to the paycheck) was a private concert by Gretchen Wilson and a little meet and greet. Evan slept through the whole meet and greet (I still can't figure out how he can sleep through something like this, but at home the phone ringing wakes him up immediately). He was just kicked back in his stroller, hands behind his head, like he was taking a siesta under a shade tree.
My mom and I took turns watching the concert, since it was a little too loud for Evan. (He did wake up by the time the concert started). I am a huge country music fan and I know I'm going to have Gretchen's song "I'm Here for the Party" stuck in my head for days!
When I came out of the ballroom from my "turn," I saw my mom and Evan dancing to the music. It was too cute!

I am pooped, but I was able to wrap up all the writing I needed to do tonight and now I'm going to hit the sack and sing along to Gretchen Wilson tunes in my head until I fall asleep.


Becca said...

So cute. What a cute grandma she is. But I always knew she would be.
Fun concert.

MelissaF said...

That is the cutest thing. I loved the video. I am sooooo jealous, country music is my most favorite.

jfm said...

Too fun! Even though it's Evan that is laughing I know it's Gma that's having the most fun ;-)