Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Major Changes Underway

A few weeks ago I posted that I had decided I needed to make some changes. I wasn't ready to post about them until I had a plan underway, but now that I have the ball rolling, I'll spill the beans--I'm leaving my job beginning in September. It is a major change and I'm not quite sure that we'll be able to pay all of our bills, but we've decided to make a leap of faith.

I am going to continue to write articles for the magazine I currently edit and I plan to hang a shingle and freelance where I can.

As everyone knows, I have felt torn ever since I went back to work after maternity leave. Leaving Evan every day is awful and I just can't wait to get back to him at night. I've worked to pay our bills and I've been lucky enough to enjoy my job. But the stress has been getting to me, and, after our childcare fiascos over the past few months, I decided I need to have more flexibility. Bryan's job isn't flexible and he works quite a few hours. So, after the second day of dropping Evan off at daycare, I walked into my boss's office, handed her a proposal I had drafted up and told her I needed to make some changes. My boss didn't accept my proposal exactly as I had presented it, but she did say she wants me to continue writing for her. We're working out all the details next week.

In the meantime, the clock is ticking and I'll be out of there within six weeks. A woman within the company is going to move into my job, which is great for her. I think she'll do a wonderful job and, since we already have my replacement, it will make the transition easier.

I think this is going to be better for all of us, but I am nervous about not having a paycheck! I just hope Evan and Bryan will enjoy dining on peanut butter sandwiches if we can't afford groceries!


TheWallinFamily said...

Mindy, I'm so excited about your plan to stay home with Evan. I think you guys have made the right decision and I just know you'll love being home with your little guy. It's wonderful you'll be able to freelance too. I understand being nervous about not having a paycheck. I'm still adjusting to that too, but it's so worth it! Congratulations and good luck!

TheWallinFamily said...
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Melissa said...

Good for you! You guys will be fine. I still hate leaving Veronica for a few hours. (It makes me nervous leaving a comment on your blog because of the fact that I have no writing/editing skills.)

Maquel said...

Clark and I had to make that same decision. I hated leaving my job teaching high school but it was too hard being a full time mom and working full time. Although things have been tight for us too, it has been worth it. It was an adjustment at first (I'm not the stay-at-home type), but I'm so glad not that we're use to it. Good luck!

Forsgren 2 said...

Mindy...I love that you have decided to stay home. I think it is great. I love being home with Hailee everyday, it is the best ever. It is hard to not bring home a paycheck, but you contribute in soooo many other ways as a mom. Maybe we can chat more now and share fun stories.