Friday, July 4, 2008


Bryan, Evan and I got our first (and probably our only) taste of what it must be like to live like stars. Evan garnered the attention of about thirty foreign tourists who went crazy over what a little cutie he is. It all started when Bryan and Evan posed for this picture.

Then, a group of tourists walked by and stopped to take pictures of Evan. Then they started getting their pictures WITH Evan. Evan seemed a little surprised at first, but he adjusted quickly. He smiled and blew kisses to the ladies, which made them SQUEAL!!! At first, I just watched in amazement, laughing at how out of control things had gotten. I finally grabbed the camera to capture what I could of the whole spectacle.

Honestly, the pictures do not do it justice. A clerk from the gift shop actually walked out to see if someone famous was there. I know my face was red, although I'm not quite sure why I was embarrassed. The same thing happened on a much smaller scale as we were leaving. This time, I finally grabbed the video camera to capture a bit of the chaos. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.


Manda115 said...

Hey Mindy-

This is Amanda, Tyler's wife, this seriously cracked me up... umm, who knew he was such a little star. He is getting so big and he is so cute!!!

Maquel said...

So funny! It looks like you guys are having such a fun time. Clark and I are going to Canada in September. We're really excited.