Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Rough Day...

Evan started daycare yesterday and we've both been having a rough time the past few days. I was relieved when the daycare got him in early (he was scheduled to start in August). But, when I picked him up yesterday at 5:30...well, let's just say it probably would have hurt me less if I'd cut my arm off with a dull knife. Evan was standing in the middle of the room crying with a little bit of a bloody nose. I know kids get bumps and fall down, but I was so upset. Ugh!

This morning, he did fine for the first two minutes while I was signing him in. But when I said goodbye, he turned beet red, scrunched up his face and started to cry. Oh...the heartache. I kept my door closed at work today because I kept bursting into tears. I picked Evan up early today at 3:00, but we couldn't go home because I had locked myself out of the house this morning (luckily Evan was with me and not inside when that happened--and I was actually locked out--I tried ALL the doors this time. The other good thing was that I had already loaded ). I'm a little frazzled, what can I say. So, on the bright side, we hit McDonalds and munched on apple dippers (and, yes, maybe a few fries--never thought I'd be THAT mom). Luckily, our neighbor who has our spare key got home a little early tonight.

All of the turmoil over the last few months have made me decide I really need to make some changes. I'm working on a plan...I'll keep you posted!


TheWallinFamily said...

I'm so glad daycare took Evan early. I'm sorry it hurts so badly. I hope you all adjust quickly. I'm sure Evan will make some great friends and will love it there. Call if you want/need to talk. Love you!

Anonymous said...

You poor thing. This must be one of the hardest things--starting daycare. I'm sure you will come up with a bearable plan. I know it will all work out for you. We're thinking of you guys.... -Ali