Monday, July 28, 2008

A Well-Rounded Weekend

Heading into the weekend, I usually have a ridiculously long to-do list that I never finish. This weekend was no different. I was a little upset with myself as the weekend came to an end since I still hadn't organized my magazines, finished my ironing or cleaned out my car. But just because I didn't finish my to-do list doesn't mean I didn't keep busy. I was thinking of some of the things I DID do this weekend. Here are the things that stand out...both the good and the bad.

I fished a little boy's toy truck out of a public fountain after Evan tossed it in. Maybe letting Evan throw rocks into the lakes in Canada for hours on end during our recent vacation wasn't such a good idea after all. I followed up the truck retrieval with several apologies to the parents of the truck's rightful owner. (The picture below is us in front of the fountain shortly after I rescued the truck).

I went for a run and decided I was nuts for signing up for the Rock 'n Roll half marathon, which takes place in about a month. I also decided there is no way I am going to actually run in the race.

I pledged that by this time next week I will break my addiction to Diet Coke. To prove my commitment, I completed my grocery shopping without buying a 12 pack (okay--so I did get a 2 liter, but it was on sale and I can't go cold turkey. The bad news is, it is already more than halfway empty).

I learned how to say ball in Polish (pilka).

I taught Evan how to buzz like a bee and hoot like an owl. We played trucks, and I read "Five Little Ducks" more times than I can count.

I rocked Evan back to sleep after a 2:30 a.m. wake up on Friday night.

I retrieved Evan's blue hat (size 4T!) from the lost and found at the pool.

I shot hoops with Bryan and actually made a basket (playing basketball also gave me awful flashbacks of junior high gym class and the red shorts and white t-shirts we had to wear).

I polished off a whole box of reduced fat Nilla Wafers all by myself (I'm not proud of that, but I still think it was an accomplishment).

So--overall, I decided to give myself a break. My to-do list will still be there next weekend. Along with all the other things that come up along the way!

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